I have struggled with maintaining healthy habits most of my life. Over and over again I found myself wanting to change but couldn’t quite follow through. I finally had a personal breakthrough when I needed to make a major shift in my diet and lifestyle to reverse inflammation and reduce pain after back surgery. Despite being a total 180 from how I had been living, I was fascinated by the ease with which I was able to change…and stick with the changes. My personal experience kicked off years of research and personal growth work focused around the components and conditions necessary for change. The details are different for everyone and the work is never truly done (sorry, wish I could say otherwise!) but the core principles of habit change are transferable to any area of your life where you are seeking improvement.

I love to help people who are frustrated by constant yo-yo between what you want to do and what you actually do find a way forward that doesn’t rely on willpower or turning your life upside down. When your actions are aligned with your intentions, real big change can happen with real small changes.

I’m passionate about helping organizations and leaders do more meaningful work and create a more human and empowering environment for every employee. I truly believe workplace culture (and wellness) is created by each action and every conversation. Building positive, productive habits that support the culture you want to create is the surest way to make it a reality.

I have a masters degree in organizational leadership, change management and whole person coaching certifications, and am currently a student of acupuncture and oriental medicine. I draw from my 15+ years of leadership and experience supporting people through change and lean on my empathetic nature to see the best in everyone and help them realize their unique potential.

I live in Portland, OR with my sweetheart and our two rambunctious dogs. When not coaching, you can typically find me on a hike, cooking some sort of soup, or snuggling with a dog.