Consulting and Coaching Services for Organizations and Teams

Consulting and advising services

The intensity and complexity of demands on leaders and employees is at an all time high. Supporting long-term business success, growth, and positive employee experience requires a well-rounded people strategy. Employee’s recognize the need to find better balance between their work and personal lives and organizations are keenly aware of the cost of employee disengagement and turnover.

If your employees are suffering from burnout, feel overwhelmed by their workloads, are not meeting important milestones and goals, or you are having trouble retaining key talent, let’s talk. Together we’ll find high impact ways to support employee wellbeing, engagement, and performance through workplace culture and people strategy.

I can help you identify challenges and barriers to healthy organizational functioning and provide prioritized recommendations to improve retention, performance, and engagement. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation where we can discuss your needs and see if we’d be a good fit for working together.

Individual coaching and mentorship

I work closely with successful leaders to help them improve productivity, increase contributions, strengthen trust, improve team dynamics, and further develop leadership capacity. Ensuring that everyone in the organization is doing their highest impact work, stretching and growing, and optimizing their energy will lead to greater contributions, better overall wellbeing, and higher job satisfaction.

Typical engagements involve a 90-minute initial consultation and bi-weekly or monthly virtual coaching sessions.

Contact me to discuss pricing and package options designed to fit your unique needs. I’m happy to offer discounts when working with multiple individuals within an organization.

Workshops and Offsites

I offer a variety of facilitation services to support strategic planning, team-building, and workshops including:

  • Resilience During Times of Change

  • Healthy Feedback Habits

  • Team Charters and Team-Building

  • Habit Change for Productivity and Impact

My facilitation style is laid back yet professional and shifts with the dynamics of the group. I focus on making sure all voices are heard and create a space for creativity, vulnerability, and psychological safety for all participants. I keep the games to a minimum, preferring to take the time to get teams into the deeper conversations that build trust and understanding and accelerate teams forward.

Contact me to discuss your needs and we’ll discuss how we might design an event to achieve those outcomes.